Blogging script

I made a new bash script!

To me, that sounds impressive, but to most people reading this it wont be.
It's essentially a poorly written sed command that takes my blog template and adds a title and date, then spits out a line that I can add to my blog homepage.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan on using a TE for everything. So i've opted to use zenity as an interface.
Although, there isn't going to be a single person reading this that would agree, I believe it turned out pretty slick. Click big button, punch in words, copy some other words then paste it somewhere. That's it! I'm ready to start filling my Blog post with my rambles 😃!

Obviously, it can do with some improvements, but I need to focus on other things.
I'm going to attempt to post here every 2 weeks. What I'm going to talk about? I'm not sure yet.