Goodbye yt-dlp, Hello spotdl

Listening to music in 2024 is a nightmare and a blessing.
If there is a song I like, for the most part, I have access to it whenever I want, but it comes at a cost.

I refuse to pay for a music streaming platform. Either I listen to a song on YouTube (not YouTube Music) or I download the file for offline listening. The latter is the ideal method.
The issue with downloading songs is the time it takes from start to finish. Adding the metadata and moving it to a phone or music player is a chore.
It used to be that I would have to find the right version of the song on YouTube, download it using yt-dlp, open it in Puddletag, copy the song information over from discogs, save it, open the song on Clementine, organize the file(s) to be structured in a directory tree (artist>album>songname), then finally copy the files to my phone.
It would take ~20 minutes just to download ~5 songs to my computer. ~30 minutes to add them to my phone. It took so long that I'd usually just end up listening to the song on YouTube.

Now that I have spotDL, it takes less than a minute from start to finish. I could probably simplify the process even more in the future, but as of writing this, the process is:

Find a song on Spotify, download it using spotdl, open the song on Strawberry, organize the file(s) to be structured in a directory tree (artist>album>songname), then let Syncthing do its thing.

Finally, the pros of listening to offline music in 2024 outweigh the negatives.